Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tarot - The Lovers (6)

This card is one of my all time favorites. Many people love seeing this card appear in a spread. Of course when we see this card we automatically think of love, romance, marriage and a happy future. But it can mean more than that depending on what we are focusing on. It can also mean self love and healing. In the Celtic Dragon deck it is symbolized by two beautiful dragons, one in the water, a water dragon who cannot live on land and a land dragon, who is leaning over the edge of the river bank to embrace the water dragon with love. It symbolizes that anything is possible with love and the two dragons have found a way to be together under hard circumstances. This tells us that real love survives, and thrives under any circumstance. Don't give up hope as love will overcome all.


I will talk about this card for both singles and couples!


Basic Meanings:



  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Union
  • Marriage
  • Commitment
  • Decisions to be made in regards to love or a relationship
  • Self Love
  • A reconciliation with an ex lover usually within a quick timeframe



  • A time of struggle then healing in a relationship or if you are single a time after a break up to heal and recover
  • A reconciliation if you have split up with someone - however there will be a delay in this and it may take sometime before you are both ready to retry the relationship
  • Can mean obsessive love or addiction to the other person in the relationship. Nothing dangerous per se but look to outside distractions if you are attaching yourself too quickly to another person in your life
  • A power struggle in a relationship that will be overcome in time



If you are asking about your love life in general and this card makes its appearance it shows that a new relationship is quickly coming your way and just around the corner, so prepare yourself! If you have recently split up with someone and you are asking if a reconciliation will take place it may be the case depending on the other cards around it. If it is surrounded by such cards as the Ace of Cups or Wands, yes you will reconcile with your ex lover soon enough. However it vary's given the cards around it. This card can also mean a upcoming marriage in the future ahead or a solid long term commitment if that is what you are pondering on during the reading. In any case it does show good things coming your way!



When this card shows up it is a good omen for future happiness and love. It shows future commitment and long term love. Marriage is coming if  you aren't already committed in this way. It shows that the two of you are on the right path and things are looking positive. If the card is reversed it is simply saying at times you two may have struggles but they are overcome with patience and love. Power struggles give way in the weeks ahead and things will smooth over. Its a very positive card for the two of you and things have a good positive energy around them. You two are a perfect compliment to each other.


Card Combinations

The Lovers, The Ace of Cups and The Star

This combination usually shows up when someone is asking if they will reconcile with an ex. If that is the case the answer is yes as the Ace of Cups does mean new start in love and The Star is a card of hope. If you are doing a general love reading this combo is saying strong new love is on the way and your hopes will be manifested with a great relationship. It is generally the same for couples but the Ace of cups could also be announcing news of pregnancy!


The Lovers, The Devil and The Strength card reversed.

This combination is somewhat more serious. The lovers card and the Devil card are not a good combination, throw in Strength reversed and we have a combination spelling out trouble. It shows someone obsessive and at a sometimes dangerous low. If you have split up with someone, and find yourself depressed, anxious, and obsessive even months after a split, its time to seek out some support. I see this combination many times with clients who can't move on from a relationship even years after a split has taken place. The Strength card is of course obvious in this case, your personal power has been drained and you are emotionally weak. However the Devil card can indicate someone who just won't back off and maybe the cause of the problems. If you find yourself constantly calling or contacting your ex even months after a split, if you have constant psychic readings to see if he is coming back even after you have been told he/she isn't. Its time to take sometime out to look at where you are heading and what can be done to break this addiction to your ex.

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