Monday, October 8, 2007

The Wheel of Fortune - Card 10

When this card appears in your spread upright its like winning the Tarot Lotto! I love this card! It's meaning is rich in all things positive and great! When this card appears you can bet things are going to turn out great, success will be yours, and what you hope will manifest...

In a love reading this card can mean there is a strong spiritual connection and the relationship will, depending on surrounding cards grow and prosper!

As far as reversed meanings go I don't feel there are any as this card is a very very fortunate one, however to me it just shows a small delay in outcome of what we hope or as asking...


General Meanings

Upright Meanings

  • Good Luck
  • Good Fortune
  • Effortless Success
  • Success in General
  • Positive Change
  • Unexpected winnings
  • Success in exams
  • Promotions
  • Unexpected wealth
  • Spiritual Ties in relationships
  • Fate


If your reading is in relation to ....


Take a chance as things are going to turn in your favor! A promotion or new job is on the way! If you are worried about losing your job, don't be ..! Things are safe and will only get better!


This card appears when its time to take a chance! Invest in stocks or bonds, sell them, buy them, whatever you are thinking about just do it! IT will succeed! It's also time to start that new business you are thinking about!


It's time to take a chance and make some effort! If you are single, get out, be more new people....your soulmate is on the way! If you are married, spice things up a bit and spend more quality time with your partner! If you are asking about a current relationship with the cards, its also saying, things will work out... but make more effort to get things back on track! You can't go wrong.

Friday, October 5, 2007

In the news...Anna Nicole Smith

Some clients have recently asked me what I think of the whole Anna Nicole Smith mess...encouraging me to write about it when I got time.

I have found it interesting to see the outcome of the whole Anna Nicole Smith disaster since her death last year....I had read Anna Nicole's cards over 2 years ago and have to say I never seen her death coming. I did see disaster around her as far as her son, however that being said I did see her enslavement for lack of a better word to Howard K Stern. I think that's the only word I can come up with at the moment ... I don't actually mean that she was his slave, however from what I seen on the cards, he did have her trapped and controlled. Her laziness was her downfall as she hated having to do anything herself, so she relied on others too heavily, hence this allowed Howard K Stern to 'trap' her so to speak.  The energy that I pick up around this man is dark and pretty negative...toxic I feel is a better word. It's my own opinion that in the beginning he had made her many false promises of gaining the inheritance of her late husband. Which I knew she would never see...and neither will her daughter. They will not win the fight for that money.  I also picked up from the past cards around Anna Nicole that she had been a source of manipulation in the past as well, even though I do feel sorry for her due to her bad state of affairs and pitiful existence she had set herself up for this huge huge fall. Karma also does play a role in outcomes in our lives and the fact reported by her husbands associates and nurses that she had so badly mistreated her dying husband at times came back harshly to attack her.  When I heard the news that Larry Birkhead claimed to be the father I instantly knew it to be true. I never for a split second believed it to be Howard K Stern. I also knew that Larry Birkhead would end up pawning this poor child off onto the covers of any magazine he could and that he would end up in tie with Howard K Stern. I would also like to note that in the cards I have drawn in regards to Howard K Sterns lawsuit against Rita Cosby and her Publisher, he won't succeed. I don't see him winning this case, even though I'm sure this money hungry creep would like nothing more, he won't. I don't feel that anyone will pay for the death of her son either, but I do personally believe that Stern again was a factor in this boy having drugs in his system. I remember seeing on the news sometime back how Howard K stern made a statement how he wouldn't leave Anna and Daniel in the Bahamas' ... This isn't because he feels some attachment to them and doesn't want to leave them alone, it's a ploy to manipulate the media into thinking he is genuine in his mourning status. I don't buy this at all. My skin crawls when I see pictures of this man, his eyes have a dark bad glaring energy.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Hermit - Card 9

This card comes up for me often when reading people with commitment issues but it's also a card that signifies a time to withdraw, learn and reflect. It can also mean a time to dwell on our own spiritual path or a time for advancement in learning and education. This card sometimes can mean to be cautious however I rarely see that message with the card. The card usually is depicted by an old man at the front of a cave, about to withdraw into it to learn and focus on inner talents and issues. In the Celtic Dragon Deck its pictured by a dragon at the mouth of a cave, reading a book withdrawn to take in knowledge and learn what to do next.  As I said this card comes up a lot with people who are having commitment issues, I think this is a personal interpretation as I have never seen anyone else view the card this way. But it usually is very on track when it does show up in this type of reading. If I'm reading someone who doesn't make much effort in a relationship or has commitment issues the hermit comes up for me...To me it signifies someone who withdraws rather than puts himself/herself on the line. Will not open up emotionally very easily and doesn't like to talk about how he/she feels or what they really want. It also for me signifies a person who can go quiet for days, weeks or months without contact and then pop up out of the blue for no explainable reason. I also see this card as representing someone who doesn't make the first move in a relationship unless they are 100% sure its what they want, they can be hot one minutes and then cold the next.


General Upright Meanings

  • Be Cautious and careful make wise choices.
  • Take the safe bet/Choice don't take risks at this time.
  • Learning.
  • Education.
  • Withdrawing - Taking time out to learn or focus on yourself.
  • Someone who doesn't jump the gun or make sudden moves. Tends to withdraw rather than open up and talk about how they feel - Someone who goes quiet for no reason and then makes contact when they feel they are ready.

 General Reversed Meanings

  • Refusing to learn from past mistakes
  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Withdrawing from a situation you need to face.
  • Failure to pass a test or exam due to lack of prep/study.
  • Not facing responsibility
  • Not finishing what you start
  • Projects started then left unfinished and this is a block to your success and advancement.


If this card appears in your.....

Finance sector

Focus on saving, learning how to save or invest. Don't waste the money you have. If you are asking if money is coming your way, the answer is yes but don't waste it as it is too hard to get.


Love/Romance Sector

You may need to retreat to work out what you want. If this card appears in relation to a man, it usually means they are withdrawn and find it hard to open up about how they really feel. This card does mean that things will work out, but for now, retreat, back off and let things develop on their own.


Health Sector

Focus on your health issues and try and work out where they are coming from.  Are they self inflicted? If so work out how to banish the habits that cause them.


 Career Sector

Success is within your reach! Step back, analyze and will see what needs to be done. You need to withdraw a little to work out what path to take and how to solve the problem that faces you. You will succeed.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tarot Card Meanings - Strength - Card 8

The image of a beautiful woman taming and embracing a strong robust lion conjures up images of inner strength and power and this is exactly what The Strength card signifies. When this card makes it's appearance in a spread we are reassured that we have the power and might to overcome all that hinders us, be in emotional, financial, romantic or physical.  This card's core meaning is courage and the power we muster that comes from it. It can also mean energy and protection, justice and mercy. I see this card a lot in love readings, reversed usually it indicates to me someone who is so hurt and wounded by the actions of their lover that they no longer feel they can go on. This card always shows up reversed when I read someone who has been the victim of emotional abuse by the one person they love. It saddens me deeply that how others treat us and how their words impact us so harshly that we start to believe we aren't worthy of love or 'their love' and this can be emotionally devastating. The strength card reversed in regards to love spreads usually indicates we have fear of loss, fear of not being loved back and its draining our emotional energy's. When this card is upright it is telling us that no matter what life throws our way we can deal with it, handle it and overcome it with success no matter how down and out we may be! This card shows us that we have the power to overcome all that hinders us, so when you see this card appear in your readings, take heart as its saying what you hope to achieve, and what you want is within your reach and you have the power to take it and make it happen regardless of how you feel now! In regards to career this card indicates you are coming into a time of success and power, possible promotions or raises are coming and you are in the drivers seat! In regards to money this card brings the message in our readings that you will find a way to pay off those debts faster than you hope, debts are repaid, you get out of debt, finances become strong and a financial break through is on the way, if you are asking if money is coming...yes it is! It may also show you buying or selling a house or property soon or within the upcoming months ahead. As far as health and healing, this card indicates a time of healing taking place, serious illnesses are overcome, healing takes place and your health is restored. If this card is reversed, it is saying, slow down, rest, rejuvenate!




Basic Meanings


  • Courage
  • Debts repaid/paid off
  • Finances become stronger
  • Money Saved
  • Increase financially
  • Strength - Inner and physical
  • Overcoming problems by drawing on our inner courage and strength
  • Love
  • Mercy
  • Compassion
  • Power
  • Self help
  • Empowerment
  • Healing
  • Health
  • Overcoming health problems




  • Power misused or abused
  • Lack of will power
  • Feelings of not being good enough
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Gossip
  • Using other people by abusing their vulnerabilities
  • Lack of energy
  • Fear
  • Losing energy from lack of focus or no direction in life
  • Emotional pain from a break up or divorce
  • Past hurt that lingers and drains emotional strength
  • Victim of domestic abuse or emotional abuse

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tarot - The Chariot

This card is a fast action get ready to move and get things done card! It's highly symbolic of traveling and can mean an upcoming trip, new car or things finally shifting into gear and happening. It's a very positive card to have arrive in your spread! If you have been stuck in a rut and this card appears it signifies things really starting to move and you will soon be back on track! If this card manifests in when you are looking into a work related problem it's showing you success is on the way in either a promotion or raise, increase and favor in your work place. Success is yours! If you are asking about love, things are on a good path and look to work out as you hope! In regards to health, healing will take place! This card indicates speed and things moving along fast to manifest your goals and dreams. However if surrounded by swords, it can indicate a time for you to slow down and relax...smell the roses! If surrounded by cups or wands, good luck in Love is coming your way and if surrounded by more pentacles than other cards, financial good luck and prosperity is in your future!



Basic Meanings


  • Overcoming problems or trouble
  • Finally getting a break in life after a string of bad luck
  • Victory
  • Success
  • Reaching your goals quickly and easily
  • Your hopes and dreams coming to fruition
  • Travel
  • Cars & Driving
  • Overcoming a problem that has been a long term problem
  • Healing
  • Success in business, exams, and tests



  • Success delayed but still coming
  • A problem soon to be overcome after some delay
  • Delay in success or reaching goals
  • A feeling of being stuck or in a rut
  • Envy

Blessed Be!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Are we Soul mates? - How to tell if you have a spiritual tie.


I'm asked daily in my practice by clients if they are soul mates with the person they are seeking answers about. I would like to clear up some misconceptions about the term soul mates and what a true spiritual tie can mean. I would like to point out that the terms soul mates and twin flames do tend to be thrown around a lot by people the same way 'best friends' can be. It isn't always an accurate way to describe someone.

At times in our lives we may feel a strong connection to a person that we just can't explain, usually also there is an instant attraction or 'love at first sight' syndrome as they say. However also I have seen many times people who have been close friends for many years suddenly developing an overwhelming attraction that they can't deny. In either case this shows strong signs of a true spiritual connection. Sometimes we want to believe that someone is our true soul mate and they will never be replaced. In some cases yes this is true however generally we do have more than one soul mate in a lifetime. Sadly sometimes during a reading clients are told what they 'hope' to hear that they are soul mates and a fairytale romance will soon develop from the ashes and you both will be happy for eternity. Sometimes this may be true other times it's not. It's a hard thing for a reader to be upfront and honest with a client when things don't look so positive but in the long run it will be a healing thing rather than a painful one. I have to tell clients everyday in my practice things they don't want to hear such as he isn't coming back, he/she has someone else and it's time to move on. I promise you even though it does hurt today the pain will banish and someone right will come your way.


How To Tell

Sure signs of a soul connection

  • Quickly bonding and connecting
  • Getting a feeling that the two of you can't be apart without this feeling fading or lessoning over time
  • Dreaming about a person before meeting them
  • Being in tune with the other person on a psychic level - feeling a sense of intuition with the other person
  • Feeling a connection at times even if you aren't sure why
  • Having a sense of nervousness when away from the other person for extended periods of time


Signs it's not a strong spiritual connection

  • Lack of communication that drags out and is hard to re-establish
  • The other person shows interest in more than one person at a time
  • The other person has no problem ignoring contact or keeping distance when things go wrong
  • You get a sense of the other person being cold or cruel to you at times
  • They tend to ignore you when you need them most
  • They are self centered and focus purely on themselves


Blessed Be!

Psychic Sensational!

Tarot - The Lovers (6)

This card is one of my all time favorites. Many people love seeing this card appear in a spread. Of course when we see this card we automatically think of love, romance, marriage and a happy future. But it can mean more than that depending on what we are focusing on. It can also mean self love and healing. In the Celtic Dragon deck it is symbolized by two beautiful dragons, one in the water, a water dragon who cannot live on land and a land dragon, who is leaning over the edge of the river bank to embrace the water dragon with love. It symbolizes that anything is possible with love and the two dragons have found a way to be together under hard circumstances. This tells us that real love survives, and thrives under any circumstance. Don't give up hope as love will overcome all.


I will talk about this card for both singles and couples!


Basic Meanings:



  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Union
  • Marriage
  • Commitment
  • Decisions to be made in regards to love or a relationship
  • Self Love
  • A reconciliation with an ex lover usually within a quick timeframe



  • A time of struggle then healing in a relationship or if you are single a time after a break up to heal and recover
  • A reconciliation if you have split up with someone - however there will be a delay in this and it may take sometime before you are both ready to retry the relationship
  • Can mean obsessive love or addiction to the other person in the relationship. Nothing dangerous per se but look to outside distractions if you are attaching yourself too quickly to another person in your life
  • A power struggle in a relationship that will be overcome in time



If you are asking about your love life in general and this card makes its appearance it shows that a new relationship is quickly coming your way and just around the corner, so prepare yourself! If you have recently split up with someone and you are asking if a reconciliation will take place it may be the case depending on the other cards around it. If it is surrounded by such cards as the Ace of Cups or Wands, yes you will reconcile with your ex lover soon enough. However it vary's given the cards around it. This card can also mean a upcoming marriage in the future ahead or a solid long term commitment if that is what you are pondering on during the reading. In any case it does show good things coming your way!



When this card shows up it is a good omen for future happiness and love. It shows future commitment and long term love. Marriage is coming if  you aren't already committed in this way. It shows that the two of you are on the right path and things are looking positive. If the card is reversed it is simply saying at times you two may have struggles but they are overcome with patience and love. Power struggles give way in the weeks ahead and things will smooth over. Its a very positive card for the two of you and things have a good positive energy around them. You two are a perfect compliment to each other.


Card Combinations

The Lovers, The Ace of Cups and The Star

This combination usually shows up when someone is asking if they will reconcile with an ex. If that is the case the answer is yes as the Ace of Cups does mean new start in love and The Star is a card of hope. If you are doing a general love reading this combo is saying strong new love is on the way and your hopes will be manifested with a great relationship. It is generally the same for couples but the Ace of cups could also be announcing news of pregnancy!


The Lovers, The Devil and The Strength card reversed.

This combination is somewhat more serious. The lovers card and the Devil card are not a good combination, throw in Strength reversed and we have a combination spelling out trouble. It shows someone obsessive and at a sometimes dangerous low. If you have split up with someone, and find yourself depressed, anxious, and obsessive even months after a split, its time to seek out some support. I see this combination many times with clients who can't move on from a relationship even years after a split has taken place. The Strength card is of course obvious in this case, your personal power has been drained and you are emotionally weak. However the Devil card can indicate someone who just won't back off and maybe the cause of the problems. If you find yourself constantly calling or contacting your ex even months after a split, if you have constant psychic readings to see if he is coming back even after you have been told he/she isn't. Its time to take sometime out to look at where you are heading and what can be done to break this addiction to your ex.

Psychic Sensational!